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The Best DIY Projects Of All Time

The Best DIY Projects of All Time

Nothing to do on a bright Sunday morning? A good DIY project can help you create some creative crafts at home. When you pick a DIY project, make sure that it suits your taste, or else you will be bored easily. The choice of a DIY also depends on its purpose (decoration, practicality, fun, or something else). Here is a list of some DIY projects that you can try out today.

Upside-down tomato planter

When you have a couple of empty soda bottles, all you have to do is cut their bottoms off and plant tomato seedlings with some good earth. Hand the bottles in your garden and water them regularly to have some good tomatoes in a few weeks. This will also work for other herbs and peppers.

Upside-down tomato planter

Yoghurt Cheese

You can make this unique cheese with a simple process. All you will need will be some yoghurt and a few cheesecloths. Now take a blow and cover it with layers of cheesecloth. Now pour plain yoghurt on top and let this rest overnight, so all the water from yoghurt drains down to the bowl. Next morning you can enjoy creamy cheese for your breakfast.

Yarn wrapped jars

This is a simple activity where you will need some jars and a ball of yarn. You do not have to pick the colours of the yarn. Wrap the yarn around all the jars tightly and paint over it. Once the paint dries, you can peel the yarn away, and you have your creatively designed jars to keep tea lights or candles.

Leafy stepping stones

You will need large leaves like rhubarb for this DIY, some cement, and a trowel. Place the leaf on a plain surface and spread it out properly. Next, prepare some cement and pour it on the leaf’s centre. Now with a trowel, gently spread the cement all over the leaf. Let the cement dry, and you will have a nice leaf-patterned stepping stone for your backyard.

Teacup with a message

This DIY is pretty simple. To do this, you need some teacups and a sharpie marker. Write a message or draw something on the cup, bake the cup for 30 minutes at 350F. It will make the cup absorb the ink and make it permanent. You can be creative and artistic with the marker and use the cups as personalized gifts.

Pebble placemat

Next time you go to a beach search for the flat beach pebbles and bring them home. Next, you will need placement and some hot glue. Place the pebbles on the placemat and arrange them properly to fit each other. Use the hot glue to stick all the pebbles to the placemat. They will look great for your tea sets for parties or decoration.

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