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7 Easy Quilt Patterns For Beginners

7 Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginners

If you have been planning on quilting for a long time, this list will provide you with the best quilting patterns for beginners. The designers are well through by the experts to help new quilters in learning the art from the basic designs. Here are ten easy quilt patterns for you to learn today.

Nine patch bento box

Nine patch bento box quilt features a nine patch block with a variation on the popular design. You need to make sure that every patch of the block is the same size before you can patch them together. It is a striking design and a great project for your first quilt.

Nine patch bento box

Dancing nine patch

This is a psychedelic design which a slightly curved box patterns. It is an illusion which occurs when blocks in the design are surrounded on two sides by a scrappy assortment of squares to create a flip-flopped layout. The dancing nice patch quilt is a perfect project for creative quilters.

Easy hunter’s start

This design may seem difficult, but once you understand its mechanic, you will be able to make it pretty easily. This design will also give you new possibilities to think of more patterns. You will need to study its pattern properly before you start quilting. You may also need some new skills in quilting if necessary.

Kaleidoscope quilt design

Kaleidoscope design is another design which looks way more complicated than it actually is. You should have the eye to identify the pattern to be able to make it yourself. The quilt blocks are sewn with the on-point technique, which many beginners fear to try out. But once you get a hand of it, quilting will become much faster and easy. This design will give you a new skill along with many others that you will learn.

Kaleidoscope quilt design

X & O design

It is a simple X and O quilt design which allows the individual letters to shine. You can start sewing blocks into two configurations while adding sashing between them. The letters have a scrappy look, and the quilt block is made from two fabrics – a focal and a background. You can build this for any size that you choose.

Double four patch scrap

This is an easy quilt block pattern which has 8 inches squares. You can either be precise with every material or use up an excess of material to make a scrappy design. This design is suitable for all stage quilters to learn and be creative with. You can also transform it by adding sashing withing each patch. It is fun to experiment, and you can use the pattern without any of the two patches looking alike.

Double four patch scrap

Simplified puff quilt

This is a 3D quilt design which is also known as biscuit quilts. They are super comfy and ultra-plush. You can make this by creating square pocket blocks instead of sealing all the sides and then filling these pockets with fibre. It can be a great practice for beginner level quilters to perform more complex tasks with ease in future.

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