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Card Making

Learn to make your own decorative cards for gifting to your loved ones on special occasions. Order customer cards with your own designs printed on them.


Learn the art of quilting from the best tutorial videos available. Develop the skills of quilting complex designs in no time.


Share your ideas with us and get them printed on t-shirts, coffee mugs, vases, posters, and more. Check out our exclusive designs as well.

Decorative Arts

Learn the DIY decorative art from the experts and redecorate your home with self-made artefacts and decorations.

10th Anniversary Special Release

We are launching a special ten-year product range for our supportive customers. Check out our gallery to locate the 10th-anniversary section to find exclusive offers and gift cards.

Join Us
We are looking for creative heads who can join our team to create more unique designs and artefacts. Check out our tutorials and learn to improve your skills with the experts.

Watch the tutorial videos of DIY quilting, designing, and card making and learn from experts to do the things correctly.


Connect live with the experts and solve any challenges in your craft with ease. Complete the tasks to increase the complexity of the crafts.


When you complete the tasks, our experts like to check out your work, and if they like it, your work will be displayed on our platform which will bring rewards for you.

Design Team
Our designing team has over 30 years of experience in building home décor and DIY projects. They have compiled a wide range of projects that you can start trying today.
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Quilt Patterns

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If you have been planning on quilting for a long time, this list will provide you with the best quilting patterns for beginners. The designers are well through by the experts to help new quilters in learning the art from…

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