Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Kathy!

Hello everyone! Today is my Stampin Sister in Christ DT sister's birthday!
Happy Birthday Kathy!!!!

We on the Stampin Sister in Christ Design Team are throwing her a birthday party! We're all bringing different things to the party. If you came from Chris' Blog, you are on the right track and are probably feeling pretty good after that feast you had there!

Kathy's favorite color is RED! So with that in mind I brought her RED BALLOONS! But not thinking that was much to bring, I went shopping.

(Dig those Grandma legs, huh?)

OK... so
Something tells me before this summer is over, Kathy just might have need of some swimwear! But when you get to Kathy's age you really need to be careful about these things... So here is her "new" Vintage RED BATHING SUIT!

I do hope she likes it because I looked forever to find the right suit, appropriate for her age and it's just very difficult to find a 1930's light wool suit in RED!

And... not wanting her to get sun burned in that hot sun, especially with all the skin she'll be showing in this little swimsuit number, I thought a RED COVER UP would be in order... I know Kathy loves RED but not on her skin!

And finally, I thought she would need something to carry all her new beachware in, so I got her a big beach bag! Now where do you think she might be needing this?

Happy Birthday dear Kathy.... Happy Birthday to you!!!

From here please hop to Kristine's Blog to see what else Kathy is getting! You won't believe what a sister will give!!! And... why not stop by Kathy's blog to wish her happy birthday?


Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Wow girl!! You went all out for Kathy!! She is going to love all that red! LOL! What a fun party!

Mr Lonely said...
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Candace said...

I love all the red stuff!! Great shopping trip! :) P.S. You look pretty sassy in your red dress! :)

Kathy Winter said...

You crack me up Grace=) Thank you for the lovely "RED" gifts, I love them all. The swimsuit really got me laughting cause that's something that I'd actually wear. And I'd be happy if I had those 'grandma legs' when I'm a grandma!! Thanks again.

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

WOW what fabulous gifts and so many of them too! For someone who loves red I'm sure Kathy will have a blast with all of these.

Lovely Linda said...

Wahoo Grace - you are some kinda party girl! Love the red you have happening here - I am sure Kathy loves your gift and party 'tricks!' I would love to party with you! {{{hugs}}}

MaxineD said...

i wonder if Kathy's face will be RED receiving all these beautiful red gifts :-) Well done Grace.

peggysue said...

If I can have those kind of legs when I'm a grandma then I want to be there now! :) You are cracking me up, what a great assortment of gifts!