Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Blog Awards from Francie G

Hello everyone! I have been late posting these awards from Francie G, who kindly gave them both to me a little while back. I'm finally getting around to posting them!

My instructions were to list 5 things that I love to do... well... I have listed five favs before so lets see if I can think of 5 more things I love to do!

1. I love to just go for rides through the country, especially during the fall with my hubby, and find new fun places to stop for coffee, to take photos, antique shops or just beautiful scenery!

2. I LOVE iced coffee!!! I love coffee period!!! Hot, cold, luke warm... just throw some ice in it and go! I especially love Americanas!

3. I love snowmen and chickadees! I have a soft spot in my heart for all things snowman... and for years I have collected Chickadees. They are the Maine state bird and I have always enjoyed seeing them at the feeders, as well as all the other birds that flock with them!

4. I love good christian music! I love the old hymns... I love the more contemporary music as long as it's not too loud... I love all the God honoring music that is available to us today!

5. I love cats! While I love dogs too... my hubby and I are agreed... we are CAT people! Our Ricky gives us so much joy! I sware he's part dog anyway... but he doesn't need to be walked! He sticks closer to me than any pet I've ever had, including all the dogs! He fetches better than our Lab. retriever! He can open doors anywhere in my house and he loves to snuggle! His only problem is not realizing he is bigger than the space i have left in my lap when also holding a lap top! LOL! He just works his way in... all 16 1/2 lbs of him! But we love him!


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Crystal said...

Love reading your 5 things, Grace ! That Ricky looks like a keeper for sure . {hugs !}