Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Flower Girl Thank You and Excitement at our house!

Well... here is my first SCS challenge card in almost a week! I've been going through withdrawal! LOL! Today's challenge was a sketch challenge, which is one of my favorite challenges! Roxi does such a great job coming up with interesting sketches for us to use week after week!

It has been an interesting morning at my house to say the least! My grandkids have been here for a few days and they always love collecting shells and pretty rocks when they are here. Lauren, my 7 year old granddaughter had left a plastic shopping bag of rocks on the floor. While I was working on this card there suddenly arose such a clatter that I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter! (OK... wrong but it's a literal statement of what happened!) I started hearing stuff flying all over the place, saw flashes of black running here, there and yonder, and more flashes of black, white and rocks scattering all over the place... including 3 bedrooms and down the hall! I can not quite catch up to the flash of black until one of them ran under our bed. Turns out... Ricky (you can see his pic on the side bar) had been playing in the bag and got it stuck on his fat self, and went into a fit of fear, running wildly from room to room! He would not let me near him to undo the bag... growled, hissed, and went deeper under the king sized bed. He had scared Lucy to death too.... she was hiding with her tail as big as I've ever seen it. He had gotten so upset he peed enroute.... yes, it was quite the morning. I finally got a hold of the bag and removed what was left of it... it was pretty much torn into tiny strips by this time. You'll be glad to know he has settled down now and come out to check out the damage. Meanwhile I had to clean up rock dust in three rooms and all down the hardwood flooring in the hall, and the pee. Sooooooo.... this card will be one that I remember for a while! LOL!

Anyhoo.... this is an image I picked up at a local stamp store consignment sale so it's new to me but not a new stamp. It is from All Night Media and I do think it's adorable. I colored it with Prisma Pencils and blended with Goo Gone, something my friend Dawn suggested I try. IRL the images are very tiny and difficult to do much shading or blending on! The colorful designer paper is Basicgrey "Urban Prairie". I added stickles to the flower centers and used my clear glitter pen on the water sprinkles, and on her hat ribbon. I needed a thank you card for someone special on SCS and I thought this would fit the bill for her. Hope she likes it!


Dawn said...

Grace this looks terrific. You did a wonderful job. Maybe you can come over and we can get the background you want with my laptop. Not sure what is the problem. Poor Ricky.. It took me a few weeks to get mine to work.. Still don't like my banner. This image is adorable. SO sweet.

Anonymous said...

Looks great Mom! All your cards are awesome, and you're blog is impressive too. Sad when your mom knows more about computers than you do! LOL! Love you!

Judy Rozema said...

Wow! What a day!!!!

Super pretty card!

MariLynn said...

Grace, Ricky just wanted to be famous like Faith's cat Speedy!